Try 'SIP' moscato as a breakfast beverage

Consider this: It is Sunday mid morning and you are serving up a sumptuous brunch of fresh orange juice, blueberry waffles with real blueberry syrup and spicy sausage links.

Instead of serving additional coffee try SIP Moscato for a touch of romance.

In other words, think outside the coffeemaker. “SIP” – made from orange muscat grapes from California – retails for a modest $14.00 and has a low 11 percent alcohol content.

Unlike many muscatos, this selection has no added residual sugar. The touch of sweetness comes from arrested fermentation. The wine is pressed in whole clusters and fermented in high tech concrete tanks to preserve its fresh fruit flavors.

This 2012 light golden hued wine has a slight effervescence with exploding orange blossom and a hint of banana aromas. Subtle white peach, honey and a whisper of citrus add an air of frisky fun flavors in the glass. The finish is seductive and begs for another sip.

Pairing this enticing moscato with food can be a journey of delights and daring possibilities. However, this wine can be served alone in a stemmed glass along side hard cheese and toasted walnuts. A sun dappled luncheon in the back yard can acquire a touch of elegance with SIP is invited to the table.

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